Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

At this time Gift Broker is only available to users with shipping addresses within the U.S.

Does the person who purchases gifts from my Wish List have access to my personal information?

Someone who purchases gifts from your Gift Broker Wish List will only see your username and the name of your Wish List. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not use your real name as your username.

Does the gift recipient have access to my personal information?

When you purchase an item from someone’s Wish List on Gift Broker, you have the option to send the gift anonymously or to disclose your name to the gift recipient. If you wish to send the gift anonymously, do not use your real name as your username.

What happens if a purchased item is out of stock or no longer available in the size or color purchased?

The gift giver will receive an email from Gift Broker asking whether you would prefer a refund or to apply the funds to another gift. The gift recipient will receive an email from Gift Broker stating that the item purchased is out of stock.

How long will it take for the recipient to receive their gift?

All orders received within normal business hours, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, are processed the same day. Retailers processing and shipping time will vary. All orders are processed at base shipping speeds.

Can I expedite shipping?

All items purchased are done so at base shipping speeds. If you need to expedite shipping, please contact us at help@thegiftbrokers.com.

What if I need to return a gift?

If you need to return a gift received, please follow the instructions from the retailer the gift was purchased from and send an email to help@thegiftbrokers.com to inform us that you are in the process of returning an item.

What fees are associated with a purchase?

When you purchase an item, the total amount charged will include the amount of the item, shipping costs from the retailer, sales tax based on the recipients’ address, and our admin and processing fee of 10% of the item amount. Please also be aware that shipments from countries outside the U.S. may be subject to import duties and taxes. Those taxes are not levied until the shipment reaches the U.S., and payment will then be necessary to release the order from customs on arrival. You agree to take responsibility for any import duties.

Are there any websites or items that are prohibited from Gift Broker Wish Lists?

Any and all illegal items are strictly prohibited from Wish Lists. Alcohol and tobacco, regardless of recipient age, are prohibited from Wish Lists due to shipping laws related to these items. Gift Broker will not allow Wish List items on auction (such as via eBay or AliExpress). We also reserve the right to refuse purchase of any items deemed harmful.


Is there a minimum dollar amount for an item that can be purchased?

The minimum amount for an item to be processed is $25 due to the fees associated with bank transactions and order processing.

What if an item purchased is from a non-U.S. based retailer?

Items sent from foreign countries may require the recipient to pay import duties and taxes once the shipment reaches the U.S.