“Item Out of Stock”: The Importance of Updating Your Private Wish List

So you created your private Wish List with Gift Broker back in June and linked it to your social media. Great!

The Holidays roll around, and one cold winter day you receive an email that an item has been purchased off your Wish List– how exciting! But wait….there’s a follow-up email from Gift Broker….unfortunately the item is out of stock and has been for months.

This is a relatively common scenario for certain items such as clothing and shoes. Most retailers maintain only a season inventory of these items, and once an item is gone…..well, it’s gone. Gift Broker policy is to offer you an item of the same value from that retailer or alternatively a gift card. It is not possible for our system to automatically alert you when an item you have placed on your Wish List is out of stock. So that begs the next question…..

What can you do to avoid receiving an “item out of stock” email notification?

Update your private Wish List with Gift Broker periodically, ideally at least monthly. This is especially important if your Wish List contains seasonal items such as clothing and shoes. You won’t want to receive winter boots in the middle of July even if the boots are in stock. Have fun with it! Add both items you need and items you want. Remember to share your Wish List with friends and family on your social media pages!

Update your private Wish List today with Gift Broker on www.giftbroker.com.